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The Merlin Saga by T.A. Barron

Summary: The Merlin Saga is a classic series that delves into the past of the greatest wizard of all time….Merlin.

From the beginning when he first steps foot on Fincyara to his journey to the stars, readers are taken on an exciting journey alongside Merlin as he discovers new lands, meets a fantastic array of characters, and battles the formidable Rhita Gawr to save creatures and worlds alike, all the while unearthing the true spirit of magic within himself.

In the middle of my room is a small, gracefully aged bookshelf that carries the weight of many worlds. The Count of Monte Cristo sails away to the unknown, a father teaches his daughter the beauty of a mockingbird’s song, and the second star to the right twinkles playfully. Under the light of this star, in Narnia, if the Pevensie children look just so, they can make out the borders of another timeless place.

It is a wondrous land called: Fincayra!

The reader first arrives to this magical realm alongside a young boy who is trying to uncover the secrets of his past. We are taken hand in hand through the Isle where we meet the fierce loyalty of Trouble, the wise, gentle spirit of Rhia, and explore the wonders of the land.

With each passing adventure, the young boy is coming more into his own and we can see the cast of a great and future wizard. Along these journeys, the land of Fincayra expands and gives birth to other stories. From a small seed sprouts the Great Tree of Avalon where a ‘lizard’ valiantly defies the constructs of his size and overcomes feats of unfathomable valor. A journey to the stars allows a son to finally ‘meet’ his father in an unexpected way and discover that hope and love are the true eternal flames.

The Merlin Saga surpasses the label of a ‘good book’ series because of all its transcendent qualities. The pages burst with lands of bountiful imagination and empathetic characters that get us through difficult times. Setting foot on Fincayra is like opening a ‘mooshlovely’ pot of honey that has no end. You relish every moment and each mouthful holds hints of adventure and humor.

Even more so, Fincayra is a dear friend who captured the hearts of readers in a story that really doesn’t have a beginning or an end.


Because the story doesn’t end at the turn of a final page any more than it starts at the first. There is a great amount of life interwoven in those pages that enables the characters and wonderful worlds to forever be a part of our experiences. Walking through a forest yields anticipation of meeting a deer person and the cry of a hawk brings bittersweet memories of steadfast Trouble.

Only works of the greatest caliber can impart such profound impressions and ultimately change the way we see our world and bind us all together.

So each time I pass by my beloved bookshelf and it hints of a treasured world we call Fincayra these notions always float into my mind and I always remember how “truly wondrous things” await.

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