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Nothing Special by Katie Cook

The series so far....

Ever since Callie was young, she has spent her days traveling between the worlds with her Dad, who is part daemon. Although she attends school in a relatively ‘human’ based world, Callie seems to be in an in-between place, where she doesn't really fully identify with either world. Then, one day, she is surprised when she finds out that her classmate, Declan, can also see the invisible, magical creatures that ordinary humans cannot.

"Nothing Special" Chapter 4 by Katie Cook

As they both start getting to know each other, they become great friends. Then, the day arrives that Callie has anticipated the most: her Dad is coming home after being gone for a few weeks. But when she gets there, her house is a mess, and she knows something has happened to her Dad. So Callie takes it upon herself to cross the portal into the magical realm to find her father along with Declan.

That’s about all I can say without giving away too many spoilers!

Character Profiles:

Callie from "Nothing Special"

This is Callie.

She is very loyal with her family and friends, and has an amusing sense of humor.

Declan from "Nothing Special

This is Declan.

A fairly spunky guy who is is willing to jump through a portal to another world for the girl he loves.

The one and only Radish!

This is Radish.

Aside from being absolutely ravishing and adorable, this sassy Radish is a force to reckon with! (Especially when it comes to protecting Callie.)

Lasser from "Nothing Special"

aaannnnd this is Lasser!

He's an heir to a throne...87th to be precise, but don't think any "lesser" of him (inside reference). Lasser's whimsy and high spirits are sure to whisk you away!

Nothing Special is everything special!

A good friend of mine recommended the works of Katie Cook, so I started off by reading her weekly webcomic series, Nothing Special.

Let me tell you: it’s special all right.

With an original storyline, a magical world, and a sassy radish, this weekly web comic series is sure to become your next favorite read.

It is just fantastically original and full of awesome characters (Radish is my favorite).

I’ve really enjoyed the visuals that go along with Nothing Special because I find the whole experience just so immersive. After reading Nothing Special I realize how unique webcomics are since readers are able to see exactly what the creators of the series (like Katie Cook) have in mind when they are developing their story and characters. It presents the creators a great opportunity to really transport readers directly into their world of imagination and creativity.

Moreover, I'm usually someone who prefers to wait until a series (of any kind) is over because when I start something, I have to finish it. That being said, as soon as I started reading Nothing Special I was hooked. Now I look forward to every single Tuesday so I can catch up on the latest!

The future of literature?

In the 21st century, we live in a very high speed world of change where many things have evolved to suit the times; even the world of literature and language. For instance, did you know that texting has it’s own language? It’s called ‘textese’! So, we’re really adapting the frontiers of language, writing styles, and in turn, what makes ‘modern’ literature.

To that end, I believe webcomics to be a contemporary addition to the world of literature. Although they are more visually based, webcomics contain all of the dominant and fundamental elements for storytelling. Webcomics have also exhibited a smooth transition to keep up with the times by using online mediums as a platform to share works with a wider audience. While it seems to be a relatively cost efficient way to build up a fanbase, one should also keep in mind the amount of time webcomic artists invest to continuously create and update their works. Finally, webcomics seem to be constantly pioneering new, innovative art forms, that both distinguish themselves from other works in the webcomic category, and that stylistically complement the nature of the work.

One more thing...

There is a new Nothing Special chapter every Tuesday.

If you'd like to take a look, and catch up on the series, here's the link:

Also, if you'd like to see more some 'behind the scenes' and awesome art, Katie's social media handle is: @katiecandraw

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