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Heartlight by T.A. Barron

Today, I'm really excited to write about Heartlight by T.A. Barron and share an interview with Mr. Barron here.


In this world, we all search for understanding. For Kate, her source of knowledge comes in the form of Grandfather, a famous astronomer. But they are more than just relatives: they are best friends and Kate treasures nothing more than to spend an afternoon in Grandfather’s company.

Or that was the way things were before Grandfather locked himself away in his lab working on a mysterious project.

Only after Kate has a frightful experience with a ghostly entity, does Grandfather finally tell Kate about the breakthrough in his scientific research. He not only found a way to prove the existence of PCL (Pure Condensed Light), but was also able to produce it. This revolutionary discovery could allow people to channel their inner light, known as heartlight, to voyage through the universe faster than the speed of light and shatter scientific theories.

Their excitement is short-lived, however, with another devastating discovery. The PCL of the Sun is rapidly depleting and without PCL the Sun will collapse and life on Earth will cease. Determined to save the planet, Grandfather disappears to the unknown, leaving Kate to follow him on a life altering journey through the stars to the distant planet that might hold the answer to saving her world and finding Grandfather: Trethoniel.


I’ve always found Heartlight to be a stunning work of sci-fi fantasy because it of how well the narrative vividly translates imagination and emotion into something so relatable. Reading Heartlight heightens every sense. At the beginning, readers are able to feel the monumental weight, and sheer life, of a butterfly’s wings and feel Kate’s breathtaking joy at having experienced such a precious moment.

As the story progresses, you feel a stir when Kate discovers the nature of heartlight and how her own brought to life a magnificent being, Morpheus. A journey through the stars on the back of Morpheus with Kate never seemed closer.

Character Connections


Because of their personalities, Kate and Grandfather couldn’t complement each other better. Kate has a heart full of youth and curiosity while Grandfather holds a broad mind of knowledge and love. The connection between Kate and Grandfather reflects the quintessential relationship we all with wish we had with our grandparents or someone special in our lives.

The Power of Heartlight

Kate is such a relatable character. She goes through emotions and insecurities that most people have probably felt at one time or another, like school and about her place importance in the world. Although she may not believe she is anything special, Kate is a very inspirational character. It is her unyielding efforts and intentions to save the world she loves, find her grandfather, and protect her newfound friends, that give her the strength and courage to travel the universe, battle The Darkness, and at last truly discover the ultimate power of her heartlight. Kate is a person that shows you don’t need remarkable super powers to save the world; just pure heart.

So take a journey through the stars, put faith in something greater, and see just how far Heartlight takes you.

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