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To Walk in Wilderness by T.A. Barron & John Fielder

What makes a perfect summer read?

For me it's a work that makes you want to relive every page, involves a true spirit of adventure, and enriches your spirit.

I always find all this in more in T.A. Barron and John Fielder’s

To Walk in Wilderness.


A writer, a photographer, three lamas, and a two hundred mile walk through the great expanse of the Rocky Mountains chronicle the adventure of a lifetime.

Favorite Quote

“From our perch on top of the pass, it is only necessary to swivel one’s head (or tripod) to follow the sun’s advance over land and sky. I turn back and forth from the sweeping pastel colors in the east to the deepening line of pink above the blue Earth shadow in the west. The luminous procession continues, moving over one ridge then the next, one summit then another, until at last the entire world as far as we can see is bathed in new morning light. The breeze blows crisply, tousling our sleeping bags. Our final day has dawned.”


There is a beautiful symbiosis that occurs when readers begin a book. Like the start of a journey, you settle down and brace yourself for the trek ahead that is only marked by endurance and time.

When you reread a book, you find creases that remind you of your previous expedition and the words echo like footsteps on the ground. Yet, much like any other journey, it is a different path reshaped by life and newfound perspectives.

A book I started rereading early on in the year was To Walk in Wilderness by T.A. Barron and John Fielder. Unlike other books where I charge forth, To Walk in Wilderness is a work that I like to traverse a page at a time so I can breathe in all the magnificent observations and stunning photography. Experiencing the entries through a mixture of words and pictures was a journey that took me to the month of July; it was one that marked a wonderful close to another life enriching encounter.

For me, this is a book that manages to put all of nature’s rhythms and grace into words. It’s a stirring tribute that inspires and centers me in the midst of life’s cacophony. After all, one of the greatest connections mankind could possibly have is being one with nature. To Walk in Wilderness is a true adventure where readers feel the morning light at Pierre Lakes and see the ground painted with the yellows and pinks of an Indian Paintbrush firsthand through T.A. Barron’s moving descriptions and Fielder magnificent landscape photography.

Ultimately, To Walk in Wilderness transcends from the page and flows straight into your life. So when you embark on this journey, be sure to settle well into your reading corner for all the wonders ahead. It will be a walk you wish wouldn't end, but as Barron writes:

“Even as the late afternoon light depends the hues and shadows, signaling the inevitable approach of night, I feel far more joy at having lives this day than grief at having lost it.”

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