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The Reluctant Healer Review

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I finished reading The Reluctant Healer by Andrew Himmel recently and I found it a work that touches on some very interesting points. While The Reluctant Healer is a book that requires receptiveness, Himmel diversifies the philosophies of New Age topics on a comprehensive level for readers. There are some moving moments about existentialism that make for very interesting discussion pieces.

The protagonist, Will, is a young lawyer in New York City. His life is governed by facts and convention until the day he encounters Erica. She believes in the power of alternative, metaphysical healing. Their minds and beliefs couldn't be more diverse, yet there is a connection between them that is undeniable.

The Reluctant Healer will surely appeal to readers who enjoyed works like The Secret by Rhonda Byrne or The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

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