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Your Own Worst Enemy by Gordon Jack

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Today we're a part of Your Own Worst Enemy's blog tour. In today's post I will feature a review and some of my favorite quotes from the book. There are a great giveaway where two readers will win two signed copies of Your Own Worst Enemy and some awesome book swag so be sure to enter in the link down below. As always, my thoughts are my own!

About the Book

Your Own Worst Enemy

by Gordon Jack

Publisher: HarperTeen

Release Date: November 13, 2018

Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary


Three candidates, three platforms, and a whirlwind of social media, gaffes, and protests makes for a ridiculous and hilarious political circus in Gordon Jack’s second highly satirical novel. Perfect for fans of Andrew Smith and Frank Portman.

They say that with great power comes great responsibility. Unless you’re student body president at Lincoln High School. Then you get all the responsibility but none of the power. And the three candidates running for president know all about that.

Stacey Wynn is the front-runner, but she didn’t count on Julia Romero entering this race. Julia is challenging Stacey for the title while also putting the moves on Stacey’s campaign adviser and only friend, Brian. And then there is Tony Guo, the way outsider. Tony is usually oblivious to the school’s political campaigning, as he’s oblivious to anything that isn’t about getting high and drinking all the Space Cow chocolate milk he can stomach. But when his favorite beverage is banned at school, a freshman political “mastermind” convinces Tony to become the voice of the little guy. But what kind of voice is that, really?

If this were an ordinary high school election, the winner would be whichever candidate was the most popular. But this year, each candidate may have to sink to a new low to win an election that could change the course of...very little.

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About the Author

Gordon Jack always wanted to be a writer. In third grade, he put that on his “What I want to be when I grow up” list, just behind astronaut and professional dog walker. While working towards this goal, he had jobs as an advertising copywriter, English teacher, librarian, and semi-professional dog walker. The Boomerang Effect was his first novel. He lives in San Francisco with his family.


There was a great charge of political energy brewing in the United States that gained constitutional momentum the week leading up to Election Day. While Your Own Worst Enemy takes place in the fictional Lincoln High School, author Gordon Jack's usage of satire turned a fictionalized story into a humorous parallel that mirrors the accounts of recent political incidents in the US.

Your Own Worst Enemy was highly entertaining through Gordon Jack's sense of humor and realistic portrayals of political affairs. I quite enjoyed the social commentaries from one of the main characters, Jack, and all the chronicles of the socio-economics within Lincoln High School.

Similar works include All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven and The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier.

Favorite Quotes

"Every superhero needs a weakness to be interesting."

"We get to create the world we want to appear on the screen."

"There you go, favoring the practical over the political."


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