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Inkling by Kenneth Oppel

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Today, we’re continuing our blog tour for Inkling by Kenneth Oppel where I’ll be sharing my thoughts of this wonderful book. In case you missed the first part of the blog tour, click here to read a summary of Inkling and enter for a chance to win a copy of the book!

The first book I ever read by Kenneth Oppel was Airborn. I can still remember how my ten-year-old self was just absolutely taken away by this high sea adventure and was left wishing that I could join Matt and Kate on their adventures.

Over the years I’ve embarked on so many fantastic journeys thanks to Oppel. There isn’t a single one of his works that hasn’t lived up to his great sense of creativity. He is an author who is so well connected to his imagination and even more so, the ability to share his worlds with others.

“No one was awake to see it happen, except for Rickman.”

Peter Rylance is the great mind behind the Kren series. However with the loss of his wife, Mr. Rylance is unable to come up with any new stories and is becoming more withdrawn. Because Mr. Rylance is on the verge of becoming an absentee father, his son, Ethan, feels a great rift forming between them.

Until the miraculous happens.

An ink splotch from Mr. Rylance’s sketchbook comes to life!

Soon, Ethan makes a new friend with the splotch who he fondly names Inkling. With every book that he consumes for energy, Inkling’s personality grows and his enthusiasm for life and art rubs off on Ethan.

Still, Inkling feels that his purpose is to find something important to the Rylance family that will help them overcome their grief.

Yet as Inkling’s existence comes to light, will Inkling have enough time to find what he was searching for?

Only Kenneth Oppel has the power to take an ink splotch to a blank sheet of paper and create a story full of heart. Paired with Sydney Smith’s seamless illustrations, I savored this book as much as Inkling savored Danny the Champion of the World. Oppel’s latest work is a great extension of his imagination that is a great testimony to the power of words that can free us from pain, bring ideas to life, and give us hope for the future.

Inkling is a wonderfully heartwarming story with great literary references that readers of all ages are bound to enjoy!


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