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Mulan: A History Retold

When we think of Mulan one often accompanies the image of history's greatest warriors with a Disney-esque flash sequence full of narrative songs. Melanie Dickerson adapts Mulan's formidable figure into a dignifying retelling that chronicles Mulan's bravery and willingness to step outside the norm in order to protect her family and nation.

The Warrior Maiden was an excellent work of historical fiction that takes compelling figures, such as Mulan, to early 1423 in the midst of the confrontation between the Teutonic Knights and the Polish citizens in a region ruled by Duke Konrad of Zachev. Regional and religious zeal are intertwining factors in the story that coincide with the topic of prophecy and acting in accordance to Christian morality.

Mulan had a great sense of faith that enables her to found her actions on the caliber of the greater good. Her sense of justice and archery skills are definitely phenomenal attributes that are well complimented by her courage and drive to protect those around her. Dickerson truly establishes Mulan’s unwavering moral compass and her warrior spirit through the narrative without sacrificing any of her feminine attributions.

Her interactions with fellow warriors, such as Wolfgang, certainly provide some OTP scenes that will leave readers relishing each page filled with pounding adventure in this classic retelling that pays the upmost homage to Mulan’s unrelenting spirit. This is a February read you won't want to miss so be sure to mark February 5th on your reading calendar!

Dream Cast

The Warrior Maiden had so many vivid scenes that you can absolutely picture every page on the big screen. Now who could take on these fantastic roles? Let's dream a little!

Mulan- Fan Bingbing

Fan is a brilliant actress who continually shows her adaptability for roles. I can absolutely see her carrying Mulan's great persona on her shoulders.

Fau Feodosia- Lyanka Gryu

Feodosia has a great maternal side that I feel would suit Lyanka perfectly! I can absolutely picture Lyanka confronting Rusdorf.

Wolfgang- Josh Hutcherson

Wolfgang is such a uniquely layered character and I believe that Josh could definitely bring Wolfgang to life.

Andrei- Zachary Hernandez

What character best embodies friendship? That would be Andrei! This young character has a tough exterior but his loyalty to Mulan knows no bounds! Nominating Zachary for this role!

Duke Konrad- Michael Ealy

Ah Michael! Although he is mostly known for his rom com and action movie roles (2 Fast 2 Furious anyone?) ​I always thought he carries himself so regally. Absolutely dreaming of Michael in the role of Duke Konrad!

Rusdorf (Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights)- Daniel Day Lewis

I honestly can't think of any actor better suited for this villainous role than Daniel Day Lewis. He is an incredible method actor and I'm sure he could embody Rusdorf's sense of misguided zest flawlessly.

Book Playlist

The Warrior Maiden (Hagenheim #9)

by Melanie Dickerson

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Release Date: February 5th 2019

Genre: Young Adult, Historical Fiction, Romance, Retellings, Christian Fiction


From New York Times bestselling author Melanie Dickerson comes a fresh reimagining of the classic Mulan tale.

Mulan isn’t afraid to pretend to be a son and assume her father’s soldier duties in war. But what happens when the handsome son of a duke discovers her secret?

Mulan is trying to resign herself to marrying the village butcher for the good of her family, but her adventurous spirit just can’t stand the thought. At the last minute, she pretends to be the son her father never had, assumes his duties as a soldier, and rides off to join the fight to protect the castle of her liege lord’s ally from the besieging Teutonic Knights.

Wolfgang and his brother Steffan leave Hagenheim with several other soldiers to help their father’s ally in Poland. When they arrive, Wolfgang is exasperated by the young soldier Mikolai who seems to either always be one step away from disaster . . . or showing Wolfgang up in embarrassing ways.

When Wolfgang discovers his former rival and reluctant friend Mikolai is actually a girl, he is determined to protect her. But battle is a dangerous place where anything can happen—and usually does.

When Mulan receives word that her mother has been accused of practicing witchcraft through her healing herbs and skills, Mulan’s only thought is of defending her. Will she be able to trust Wolfgang to help? Or will sacrificing her own life be the only way to save her mother?





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About the Author

Melanie Dickerson is a New York Times bestselling author, a two-time Christy Award finalist, two-time Maggie Award winner, Carol Award winner, two-time winner of the Christian Retailing's Best award, and her book, The Healer's Apprentice, won the National Readers Choice Award for Best First Book. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) and Romance Writers of America (RWA). Melanie earned a bachelors degree in special education of the hearing impaired from The University of Alabama and has worked as a teacher in Georgia, Tennessee, and Ukraine. She lives with her husband and two children in Huntsville, Alabama.


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