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Kindred Through Time and Space

Indie Gantz is certainly an author who loves to dabble in the space time continuum while chronicling the adventures of her imagination. Kindred picks up directly from Passage where the Damuzi twins, Charlie and Tirigan, try to hide their overwhelming secret while striving to learn more about their mother. The timeline of the novel transports readers is quite similar to Passage so it wasn't overwhelming to be cast into a sea of time. Gantz ensured that when the mergence of the twins' timelines intersected there was a smooth transition. Tirigan definitely still struggles with emotional attachment which makes readers want to reach in and take him by the hand; still, I enjoyed seeing the gradual character developments that are being implemented to Tirigan and Charlie's characters.

Kindred (The Akasha Series #2)

by Indie Gantz Genre: YA Scifi Fantasy Release Date: February 2019 Summary: In Kindred we find the Damuzi twins settling into their new home with Kori Lark’s family. Desperate to keep the dangerous truth of their identity a secret, Charlie and Tirigan educate themselves on everything that was kept from them, while delving deeper into their mother’s past. In the future, Tirigan is dealing with the complicated emotions that overwhelm him after the events of Passage. In an attempt to control the situation, Tirigan turns inward and cuts himself off from those who need him most. By the time Charlie and Tirigan’s timeline’s merge, a burning mystery is solved, and more than one relationship begins to unravel. Friendship. Trust. Dependency. Lies. The Damuzi twin’s story continues.

About the Author

Indie Gantz grew up in Northern Virginia and received her Psychology degree at George Mason University. Despite her passion and curiosity for the human mind, Indie left her chosen field of study to finally give voice to the many imagined minds she has created. Indie lives with her family in North Carolina. She spends her days drinking tea and clacking keys.

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