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By Any Means Necessary

"When that moment becomes forever, I'll know what eternity looks like when it's not wearing any masks..."

Life is a swirling commotion. Much like bees, we each go about our day trying to thrive the best we can. All the while, the perpetual notions of: societal expectations, trying to unearth who we are, and the buzz of the world around us can be deafening. In this maddening crowd it is integral that we find ourselves by any means necessary.

"...I've been on this road for a while, feeling a thousand years older than what I've been told by every part of my past."

Candice Montgomery's By Any Means Necessary was a beautiful ode to our contemporary age and the predominating issues we are confronted with as individuals. Through her protagonist, Torrey, Montgomery shows a powerful command over conveying one's voice. Through the first person narrative, this wonderful connection with Torrey arises from the page as readers gain an insight into his life, social awareness, and how he is trying to find his place in the world.

"The porch no longer sings memories or nostalgia."

By Any Means Necessary held the brilliant core of a strong contemporary YA read that presented the issues of gentrification, homophobia, and cultural identity through Torrey's youthful eyes and wise soul. At the beginning of this work, I started this journey by delving into a stranger's life. By the end, I certainly considered Torrey a dear friend whose presentation of life and perseverance in the midst of struggles will forever stay with me. In her latest work, Candice Montgomery is able to write more than just a story- she is able to capture life through all the spaces between the lines that skirt across the page.

"We'll shove this darkness into a box, and I'll keep you safe."


By Any Means Necessary

by Candice Montgomery Publisher: Page Street Kids Release Date: October 8th 2019

Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, LGBT


An honest reflection on cultural identify, class, and gentrification. Fans of Nic Stone and Elizabeth Acevedo will eagerly anticipate Torrey.

On the day Torrey officially becomes a college freshman, he gets a call that might force him to drop out before he’s even made it through orientation: the bee farm his beloved uncle Miles left him after his tragic death is being foreclosed on.

Torrey would love nothing more than to leave behind the family and neighborhood that’s bleeding him dry. But he still feels compelled to care for the project of his uncle’s heart. As the farm heads for auction, Torrey precariously balances choosing a major and texting Gabriel—the first boy he ever kissed—with the fight to stop his uncle’s legacy from being demolished. But as notice letters pile up and lawyers appear at his dorm, dividing himself between family and future becomes impossible unless he sacrifices a part of himself.


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Candice “Cam” Montgomery is an LA transplant now living in the woods of Seattle, where she writes Young Adult novels. Her debut novel, HOME AND AWAY can be found online and in stores now, and her sophomore novel, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY will be released October of 2019. By day, Cam writes about Black teens across all their intersections. By night, she bartends at a tiny place nestled inside one of Washington’s greenest trees. She is an avid Studio Ghibli fan and will make you watch at least one episode of Sailor Moon and listen to one Beyoncé record before she’ll call you “friend.”


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