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A Word from My Reading Corner

Hello everyone!

I'm so excited to be back to writing on this blog after an unexpected two week break. My Macbook is from the good ol' 2013 era and it's been my Old Faithful during my film projects and review sessions. However, at the end of June, my charger broke. Unfortunately because of mail delays added to the fact that chargers from my Macbook year are very difficult to find, I couldn't use my computer. It's very difficult for me to type out coherent reviews on my phone and while I was a bit frustrated at first, I then took the time to think about different material I can start including at The Reading Corner for All.

Some new ideas that came to mind were:

  • Experience the Journey: Thoughts that arise during reading a work

  • Showcasing Upcoming Reads

  • Let's Talk About the Cover

  • Author Profiles

....and a few other ideas I can't wait to unfold during the coming months.

Another primary idea that I had though was to include my Bookstagram @TheReadingCornerforAll and related content such as behind the scenes, composition tutorials, and general bookish content that I discuss on that platform.

Two years ago, I started The Reading Corner for All primarily as a blog where I could share my reviews while my Bookstagram account was a - I suppose you could say - secondary place for me. However, just like Narnia is a home for me, Bookstagram has become a wonderful, safe space for me to engage with readers, authors, and discover a vast amount of bookish treasures while creating my own content to best highlight literary works.

Now, instead of seeing my blog and Bookstagram as somewhat married entities, I am going to integrate the social media content into my blog to liven the content and give it a fresh wave for a journey across the Caspian Sea.

As always, thank you for being a part of this journey with me. May we travel far and wide as we live another thousand lives through the spaces we share in books and our connections to them.

Warm wishes,

Alex Lopez


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