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Atlantis Rising by T.A. Barron

"Atlantis—a name, a place, and a mystery, all in one."


Grukarr is hungry for power…only the unthinkable will satisfy him.

Promi has a sweet tooth and holds a recipe for trouble.

Atlanta’s great love of nature and all creatures ignites her determination to save the Great Forest.

Kermi is a blue “monkeylike creature” with silver patches called a kermuncle.

It’s a wonder that his small size can contain such great wit.


Promi lives on the streets of Ellegandia surviving on instinct and accompanied by the “distant haunting melody” of a song that reminds him of his mother. He spends his days stealing food and writing down his memories, dreams, and ideas in his journal. After the High Deputy Priest Grukarr commits a series of unjust actions, Promi targets Grukarr with the intent of stealing two things that Grukarr treasures: his jeweled belt buckle and a divine smackberry pie.

However, every thief eventually gets caught and Promi unexpectedly finds himself cast into the dungeon Ekh Raku whose name ominously means “stones of blood.” Yet even in the dark dungeon, Promi’s act of kindness sparks a great light and his life is saved by a stranger, Jaladay. She is “the last of the Listeners” who travels with her monkeylike companion Kermi. As the threat of death looms over the dungeon, Jaladay bestows Promi with a great power: Listener magic. It is a magic that allows you to harness the Great Powers.

However, this power comes with price.

As the guards approach, Jaladay makes Kermi promise to stay with Promi and makes a final sacrifice to save them.

Outside of the dungeon walls, Promi encounters Atlanta, a young woman of the forest on the run from Grukarr. Before long, Promi, Atlanta, and Kermi are the only ones who know of Grukarr’s dark intentions to steal the Starstone, the heart of all the magic in Ellegandia.

As fate would have it, Promi, Atlanta, and Kermi finds themselves united: one seeks to follow their heart, one is bound by a promise, and one acts on love.

Will their efforts combined be enough to stop Grukarr and their world?

Storytelling at its finest

Atlantis Rising by T.A. Barron is an incredible tale that manages to weave the fine tendrils of imagination and harness the true power of storytelling. The fables surrounding the city of Atlantis are like a moving mist of uncertainty, and hold an elusive, intangible quality. Yet, Atlantis Rising takes readers beyond the unknown and right into the heart of of the moving mist, and into the land of Ellegandia, a land whose fate is closely linked to Atlantis.

For many reasons, I find Atlantis Rising an important addition to the fantasy genre.


That is best answered by a quote from the book:

“Its very presence makes the magic more powerful. And that makes everything more beautiful.”

I’ve enjoyed re-reading the Atlantis Saga over the years, and treasure these pages of magic like one would savor a warm summer day or the company of dear person. One thing always remains constant with each read: Promi’s descriptions of sweet treats are utterly mouthwatering that visions of sugar plums dance in my head. I’d recommend all who embark on this fantastic journey alongside Promi, Atlanta, and Kermi to have something sweet nearby while reading.

If you’re looking for an adventure like no other, I’d absolutely recommend T.A. Barron’s Atlantis Saga. It is an epic trilogy that answers the question of the ages:

How will the fated land of Atlantis rise….and fall?

The answers are a few pages away.

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