• Alex Lopez

Below: A land beyond in the North

When you first open the pages of Below, you’re transported to a frozen heart of the North where Apaay’s inner warrior spirit burns fiercely for her people and family. When her sister’s face is taken by a demon known as the Face-Stealer, Apaay will stop at nothing to recover her sister’s face against the will of her parents.

Along the way, Apaay encounters Yuki. An ancient being with the appearance of a young girl who strikes a deal with Apaay: if she can find her sister’s face in the treacherous walls in the labyrinth, she will obtain her heart’s desires.

However, the labyrinth poses many fronts of danger and Apaay can only count on herself to see this through....especially when she can’t figure out which of Numiak’s faces is his real self.

I absolutely was spirited away by Warwick’s world building and her abundant imagination which made readers empathize with Apaay’s quest to save her sister and the struggles she faces in the labyrinth. For me, this book resembled a puzzle where this first installation allowed readers to assemble all the corners. I truly cannot wait for the next book in the series to connect more pieces together and see where Warwick’s storytelling takes us!


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