• Alex Lopez

Cemetery Boys

A very happy birthday to Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas! I’m keeping my eyes glued to my tracking number so I can add my preorder copy to my shelf.

This was a book that gave me hope for the YA genre. Thomas is an own voices writer who created an impressive story brimming with: exploration of identity, family dynamics and LGBTQ+ acceptance, Latinx culture, and a paranormal romance that will haunt you. Cemetery Boys is a work of love that allowed readers to experience Yadriel’s journey of navigating a very traditional family who does not allow Yadriel to enter the brujx because of his identity as a trans teenager. With only his cousin to support him after the passing of his mother, Yadriel faces the struggles of being overlooked at his quinces (rite of passage for the 15 year old brujos in his family) and endeavors to perform the ritual himself.

When Lady Death herself acknowledges Yadriel with her blessing and ability to handle a conduit, Yadriel is able to prove that he is a true brujo. His joy, however, is short lived when he feels a tether snap in his soul which signals the death of a brujx member. When his cousin Miguel is discovered to be missing with no trace of his body, Yadriel takes it upon himself to channel his newfound powers to conjure Miguel’s spirit.

Except, instead of Miguel, the spirit of Julien Diaz, the brooding enigma of his high school, is summoned in his wake. In order to make Julien cross to the other side, Yadriel races to meet Julian’s demands before Día de Muertos.

Julien is life and energy.

Yadriel is quiet poetry.

On their journey together, they might just find a love that is more eternal than death itself.

Aiden Thomas you took my heart away with Cemetary Boys ! Hold onto it until Lost in the Never Woods.


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