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Death Logs Out by E.J. Simon

Technology permeates our society and dictates how we socialize, work, and experience life.

What if we were able to harness technology so that death logs out?

Michael Nichols has talked to his brother, Alex, every day for two years since he was murdered. This AI-Alex has all of Alex’s memories, mannerisms, and persona that Michael recognizes as his brother. But is this being with a conscious the real Alex? Or is it just a sophisticated program running on a machine?

While Michael keeps his conversations with Alex to himself, the kidnapping of his daughter makes Michael turn to Alex for help. With Alex ‘alive’ again, outside forces, ranging from gangsters to the Vatican itself, will stop at nothing to put an end to Alex, and his family, once and for all.

Death Logs Out is the first novel I read by E.J. Simon. While it is the third installment in his Death series, I had no issue jumping into the story and considering it as a stand-alone work.

I’ve read quite a number of thrillers and mystery novels this year and I must say that Death Logs Out is an exceptionally thought provoking work where Simon delves into the very heart of existentialist questions. There are quite a number of interesting proposals in Death Logs Out including the concept of self and if technology can replicate who we are or, in essence, become an extension of us that remains immortal.

Simon was able to reach to audiences through riveting writing that encompassed the themes of familial and marital relationships, technological advancements, and deadly secrets. Overall, through Death Logs Out, Simon created narrative that resonates with the vibrancy of work by authors Clive Cussler, Stuart Woods, and Lilian Jackson Braun.

Death Logs Out is an incredibly suspenseful and captivating thriller that is built on tension, drama, and character developments that will have readers logging in for the rest of the series.

Will be released on July 27th!

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