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Elena Ransom and the Catalan Atlas by J.S. Wood

Pass your classes.

Keep your friends close.

Collect the artifacts.

Save the world.

Aside from having to solve riddles in the classroom, Elena and her friends, the Firebirds, continue their quest to learn more about their parents' past, their connections to the artifacts, and discover what role they will each play in saving the future of humankind from the Imperator.

After learning how the Imperator is brainwashing people and taking over the world, nothing is the same.

Grimsby Academy is no longer just a school.

It’s a training ground.

The Firebirds aren’t just friends.

They’re family.

.....and when their future is an unknown destination,

they’ll take life by the wheel.

After surviving one journey to the forbidden city of New York, the Firebirds return back to Grimsby Academy with the Catalan Atlas at hand. Despite their harrowing adventure, it is only the beginning of all the changes to come. The Firebirds struggle to locate the missing artifacts, come to terms with their losses, and keep their secret mission secret from new prying eyes. Is the Imperator infiltrating Grimsby? Where is the next artifact? Can they find steady ground in the ever-uncertain future?

When the walls start to close in, who can the Firebirds turn to?

All these questions and mysteries are ready to unfold in

Elena Ransom and the Catalan Atlas

J.S. Wood’s sequel to her Elena Ransom series is such a ride! From the very beginning with the jaw-dropping prologue, that unveils more about the origins of a certain member of the Firebird Unit, to the daily events at Grimsby Academy which march right up to the gasp-releasing ending. Wood is able to convey all the right elements for MG and YA readers to engage in a book series: action, humor, relationship developments, and quips about school.

It’s my personal practice to wait until the weekend to really start turning the pages. I feel I can really immerse myself within the world without any interruptions. Elena Ransom and the Catalan Atlas was no exception.

I really enjoyed seeing the plot and character development throughout the book where readers learn more about the characters through a series of page turning events. Since the Firebirds are pitted against such a powerful enemy, Wood subtly brings the characters closer together in situations where they are forced to work as a team, overlook their differences, and truly work as a team. The process of their team building takes readers on a ride of elation and heartbreak that is not only crucial to the growth of the story, but for young readers to apply all that the Firebird’s are learning to their own lives.

The Catalan Atlas continues the same page turning pace as The Firebird Unit with its vivid descriptions that place you right in the heart of Grimsby and allows readers to empathize with the Firebird’s losses and triumphs. By the end of your journey with the Firebirds, readers can’t help but eagerly anticipate the next installment!

Thank you so much for reading!

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