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Hovering Above Chaos by Anne Stryker

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In Lune City, a girl hovers above chaos.

Syretia stares into the void where she is forced to perform death defying feats along with her miskit, Hoover, to appease her families never-ending desire for wealth and power. Her performances capture the awe and attention of many who cheer for more. Except one...

Nicholas lives in the forgotten ends of Lune City where he dreams of leaving the city with his two friends. Like others, he never fails to watch Syretia's performances with a mixture of dread. When the day comes that their eyes meet across the crowd, Nickolas sees Syretia's frozen smile and silent screams in her eyes.

Lune City looms over all. None can escape the eyes watching from the shadows. Still, Syretia seeks to escape from her daily terrors and Nicholas might just be the one to turn her eyes away from the darkness that threatens to engulf her.

Will chaos overtake all? Or will jumping into the void actually free them all?


Hovering Above Chaos by Anne Stryker is an emotionally impactful work that is amplified by Stryker's dedication to her character and story. The visuals completely engulf you in Syretia and Nicholas's lives in Lune City. Syretia and Nicholas's dual narrative really involve readers with the characters and their different motives for wanting to escape. While they live in two worlds, their collision lifts the shadows of Lune City with the light of hope. The intensity in Hovering Above Chaos just keeps on building throughout the story as characters face the uncertainty of the future and come face to face with those that wish to drag them back into chaos.

Stryker's previous works The Moon Faerie's Night Sky and The Pirate's Stowaway Bride are full of light and wonder. They are a sharp contrast to Hovering Above Chaos which delves into darker themes. Yet a constant in Styker's novellas is that she writes with precision which makes every word and line of dialogue so impactful. Altogether, Hovering Above Chaos captures all the elements of an original story devoid of cliches that completely grasps readers from the moment they see Lune City through Syretia's eyes.

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"Out of the darkness," Syretia whispers.

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