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In the Assassin's Arms Blog Tour Interview & Giveaway

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It's finally the weekend! Today we're kicking off this blog tour weekend with an interview with Katherine Hastings, the author of In the Assassin's Arms. On Sunday we'll be featuring an excerpt from the book.

Milestone moment: this is our first romance novel feature ever!

About the Book

Historical Romance

Fiery Seas Everlasting

July 10, 2018

John Douglas may be a well-trained political assassin, but he has met his match in the woman he once called a friend. When his childhood playmate reenters his life, she's not looking to rekindle their friendship... she's out for blood.

With a vendetta to settle, Charlotte Cornewalle isn't stopping until she finds the man who killed her father. All signs point to Robert Douglas, the leader of the opposing faction of assassins... and John's father. To get her revenge, no one will stand in her way... not even the boy she once adored.

Fate forces them together as they fight to prove their innocence and right the wrongs they have suffered. Sparks fly from more than just their swords, but will they be able to put the past behind them? Will they be able to find the truth before it destroys them both?

Interview with Katherine Hastings

1) What drew you to the romance genre?

Since the first time I stumbled onto a romance novel in middle school, I’ve been hooked. For me, there’s nothing better than getting lost in the emotional rollercoaster a romance novel takes you on. I’m a big fan of love, and I enjoy writing stories that focus on just that.

2) Is there a certain place/space where you find your inspiration?

My raft! I used to get ideas for my books when floating at the beach all the time. By the time I paddled in, the idea was gone. Now I’ve created a little waterproof floating office and I do a good chunk of my writing floating around the lake. There’s just something about the water that gets my creative juices flowing! In the winter when it’s too cold to float, I have a big hanging chaise lounge I sit in and pretend I’m floating on the lake and I keep on writing.

3) How did the idea for In the Assassin's Arms come about?

Every novel I’ve written started off in a dream. I have very vivid dreams, and I woke up one morning last summer with a few second clips of these two opposing assassins working together. A few hours later, I had the plot sorted out and I was typing away!

4) Can you describe your writing process?

I am a very organized person and realized after writing my second book that I could write better with some more structure. I start with the idea that appears in a dream. Then I sit down and clear my mind and let the basic plot of the book come together. I do this until I can watch the whole thing play out like a movie trailer. After hunting for any plot holes, I put together a chapter by chapter outline, but leave lots of room for creative twists and turns. Then, I write! I don’t stop writing until I get to the end, bulldozing through any sticky spots and leaving them to be finished later. Since doing this, I can write so much faster since I’m not stumbling over plot holes and details while I’m word crafting. It works great for me and I just knocked out a 95,000-word novel in two weeks. My wrists hurt and my fingers ache, but it’s done! LOL

5) How did you choose your character names?

In this book, both characters had a name in my dream. John and Charlie. I wanted Charlie to have a more feminine name for before her assassin days, so I did some googling until I found a name that would work with Charlie, and came up with Charlotte.

6) Which was the most difficult scene for you to write?

The final scene. It’s so hard to tie everything up nicely and leave readers with a powerful, satisfying ending. It was falling a big flat, so I reworked it just before the final proofs and finally got the ending I was going for!

7) What was your publication experience like?

It has been such a fun journey! Since getting the email from Misty Williams at Fiery Seas Publishing this fall that they wanted to publish my book, I’ve been enjoying every second of the ride! They’ve done a wonderful job holding my hand as a first-time author and guiding me down this new path. I worked with Vicki McGough as my editor, and she was a joy to work with and really helped me get everything just right. From cover designing to having a marketing person in my corner, I’m so glad I have them to help me. I can’t even tell you how excited I am for release day! What a dream come true!

8) Who is your favorite author? Any particular work?

I really love Nicolas Sparks and the way he can pull you into the emotions of his characters. I fell in love with The Notebook and that story still pulls away at my heartstrings.

9) Do you have a favorite literary couple? (e.g. Romeo & Juliet/ Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy)

Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’Hara. That book was the first book I truly fell in love with, and it’s still my favorite to this day. I loved their romance.

10) Is there anything you’d like to add about yourself or your series?

I’m so excited to step out into the world of being an author and look forward to creating lots of romantic adventures to take my readers on! In the Assassin’s Arms is the first book in the Daggers of Desire series, and the second book, Beneath the Assassin’s Touch, will be out hopefully later this year.

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About the Author

Katherine Hastings loves love. It’s why she writes romance novels. Getting lost writing a romantic adventure is one of her favorite pastimes. When she’s not on an adventure in her mind with her characters, she can be found at her home in Wisconsin snuggling her husband, two Boston Terriers, and the world’s naughtiest cat. Two things make Katherine want to leave her happy home these days... going for rides on her dressage pony or floating at the beach in her big inflatable raft. Writing her novels while floating in the lake is one of her ultimate pleasures... that and Fried Wisconsin Cheese Curds, of course.






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