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Mishmakon-The Dragon King by Mark Boyd

“Mind you, free will is what gives us all the power of choice, even when destiny is at hand. But the individual must then accept the consequences of their choice. Sometimes that means playing the game all over again in a new life. Sometimes it just sets the game in a wonderful new direction…or not.”

The Prophecy spoke of much.

Of the king that would rise lest they all meet their demise at the hands of the ancient enemy known as Treagar, the dark dragon who covets the powers of the Dragon King.

Yet the Prophecy did not speak of love and hope, pain and anger, the span of the generations, or all which divides evil and good.

As the final chapter of the Prophecy unveils, it is proclaimed that:

Mishmakon is to be the Mage, who is ultimately the foundation of the Dragon King.

Laralain will become the warrior whose bridled fearlessness can defeat all enemies.

Breean is a visionary who can shift dimensions for the Dragon King.

Will the three be able to take on their preordained roles and allow the Dragon King to complete what was foretold? Or will a new age of darkness begin?

Find out in the unforgettable ending to A Dragon’s Tale.

There is something bittersweet about reaching the end of a great series. When I finished the last page in Mishmakon-The Dragon King, I couldn’t help but simultaneously smile, as I thought about how far the story had developed from The Prophecy, and wish there would be a fourth book in the series. I suppose no reader ever wants a series that became a part of their lives to end.

Through A Dragon’s Tale, Mark Boyd took readers into his world of fantasy that brimmed with magic, allowed readers to fly on the back of dragons, and transcribed a narrative where the characters upheld the timeless virtues of honor, triumph, and hope against the dark forces of the world. Even more importantly, Boyd is able to impart his own love and passion for fantasy writing on every page which ultimately makes up for a large part of the magic in this compelling story for readers.

In the end, it was so gratifying to see how the story came to full circle and how Boyd pursued the concept that the spirit of the protagonists' predecessors continued to live through the new generation. You see Leandro’s strength and honor in Mish, Genevieve’s gentle nature in Bree, and Donaterri’s courage in Laralain.

I honestly found this a difficult book to get over because it marked the end to fantastic series. Mark Boyd delivered an excellent, satisfying ending to A Dragon’s Tale that absorbed all the building action of its predecessors to create an ending of epic proportions. This is an excellent series perfect for fans of J.R.R. Tolkien, George R.R. Martin, and Sarah J. Maas that will have you believing in dragons and in the power of great fantasy writing.

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