• Alex Lopez

Ogre Enchanted

Have you ever been caught up in a spell?

Evie is a young woman who has an affinity for healing the people in her village; especially her childhood friend Wormy! Her independent mind and free spirit doesn’t leave her any room to think about marriage or fairytale endings.

Which doesn’t please the fairy Lucinda’s ears after she rejects Wormy’s out of the blue proposal. As a consequence, Lucinda turns Evie in a fearsome ogre with a sixty-two day limit to turn back into a human. To do this, she must accept a proposal by then or be an ogre forever!

This delightful prequel to Ella Enchanted transported readers to a work where the twists of magic take readers through a delightful ride through Kyrria. I love the classism of Levine’s tale and Evie’s tale of transformation where her spirit upholds her dignified nature. Even though her circumstances are ogreish, I loved how Evie’s empathy towards the human condition enables her to see the best in people and help others when the kingdom is threatened by a disease.

Ogre Enchanted was an absolutely enchanting read that will delight readers with stellar world building and the theme of seeing an individual’s spirit instead of their semblance.


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