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Pleasant Grove

There is no place like Pleasant Grove.

Once you enter, you will feel a sense of community like no other. Neighbors and families all know each other with intense familiarity as they lives out each day in the safety of the dome. The outside world is a taboo thought! Especially when everything, and everyone, is perfectly pleasant.

What's that?

You saw a strange boy the other day?

Don't be silly; there haven't been any new families here for years. You must be imagining things.

Oh! And one last thing....don't go to near to the edge of the dome. There are just some things that are best left unseen.

Pleasant Grove by Jason Price filled the pages with fogs of mystery where a tame beginning quickly turns into a Stranger Things episode where twelve-year-old Agnes Goodwin must discover the secrets of her domed home along with the help of her older brother and friends. While this read has its horrific elements, this middle grade read is also suited for fans of City of Darkness by Ben Bova and Under The Dome by Stephen King.

About the Author

Novelist, playwright and screenwriter Jason Price grew up in the suburbs of Houston. His plays have been performed at Houston's Tony Award-winning Alley Theatre and Stages Theatre. Price's 2010 debut novel, Republican Punk - the gonzo travelogue of an ordinary man running for President of the United States - was hailed as "timely," "relevant" and a "minor classic." Price's second novel, Pleasant Grove, is a departure from his previous work. A sci-fi horror adventure about a group of kids escaping a lockdown, Pleasant Grove has been called "one of the best middle-grade sci-fi books."

Price lives in Houston with his wife and two daughters.


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