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Red Agenda by Cameron Poe

Power is something everyone fights for.

Levi Carp is hunting to be head of the CIA.

Dan Archer struggles to get out of Levi’s shadow.

Andri Stemovich seeks glory at the helm of a new empire.

George Akbar only has one mission left before he’s out of the game.

Sharon Dailey wants to keep her secret hidden from the world…and the man she possibly loves.

Beth Rudnick will do anything to protect her relationship even if that means the ultimate betrayal.

In the end, everyone has a

Red Agenda

This book was a big operation in several ways. From researching various governmental departments, describing the mechanics and inner workings of a submarine’s interior, to completely constructing his plethora of characters, Cameron Poe does not leave readers wanting for details.

Red Agenda easily reflects Cameron Poe’s passion for mechanical and structural engineering (as stated in the book bio) and his interest in political interplay certainly shines through and provides a solid basis to the book. Poe is extremely thorough with details and undertakes the task of background building in his book very seriously. All his attention to detail adds a great element of authenticity and pressure for the characters to find a way to stop a nuclear war and readers to speed through the pages to find out what happens next.

In Red Agenda, readers can just throw predictability out the window. This is a layered story of triple crosses, dark alley exchanges, and boardroom secrets where the full intricacy of the story unfolds itself neatly by the end. You really cannot miss a single detail because everything and everyone has a key role to play in Red Agenda.

To that end, Poe does not allow readers to settle for more than a few paragraphs. He constantly changes the narrative to be inclusive with his characters and report on how they are all doing on their own personal missions. This makes for an exciting read, yet it sometimes interrupts the flow of Red Agenda and the abrupt, cinematic changes leave readers reeling to recall previous events.

Nevertheless, Poe optimizes a great degree of foreshadowing to heighten the atmosphere and urgency in the book. For instance, the chapter titles all individually serve as indicators of what will unfold in the chapter…in ways that readers will not necessarily see coming.

With Red Agenda, Cameron Poe can easily shake hands with Ian Fleming (James Bond series) and Robert Ludlum (the Bourne trilogy). Poe is not afraid to cross geographic borders and take readers to the depths of the sea in this international thriller that will have readers at the edge of their seat.

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