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Ruthless Magic by Megan Crewe

Imagine a world where some people are born with magic.

For Rocío Lopez, magic is a natural part of who she is and she holds a special power that forges a connection to magic while Finn Lockwood treats his magic as a responsibility to improve the lives of others.

Yet, not all those who have magic are allowed to keep it. When students come of age, the North American Confederation of Mages ultimately decides if someone has met all the requirements to be of service to the Confederation and continue their magical education at the College. Those who do not meet the Confederation’s standards undergo Dampering and have their magical powers taken away.

Finn is instantly Chosen due to his prestigious family background while Rocío’s lack of social status leads to the Confederation’s rejection. The only chance she has at keeping her magic is to take part in the Mage’s Exam and become a Champion.

Despite all logic, Finn defies the Confederation's decision and announces he will participate in the Mage’s Exam to prove to himself that he is worthy of his magic and not his status.

Meanwhile, Rocío will not allow anyone to take away her magic without a fight and the Mage’s Exam also provides the opportunity for her to find out what happened to her brother when he took the exam three years prior.

Many will enter the Mage’s Exam and many will lose it all.

As the horrors of the Mage’s Exam mount, none will walk away unscathed from this test that questions:

How far would you go

to protect a part of who you are?

In Ruthless Magic, Megan Crewe was able to touch the heart of many key societal issues in the same manner as The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and James Dashner’s The Maze Runner. Yet, Crewe writes in such a spellbinding manner that surpasses her contemporaries, for she imparts a compelling narrative of justice and utter magic of storytelling. Ruthless Magic is a visually intense book that allows readers to feel the freedom of magic and experience firsthand every gritting test in the Mage’s Exam. All these elements make Ruthless Magic one of the must-read books of the year.

Key Features of Ruthless Magic

Social Standing

Crewe’s commentaries on social standing added a great degree of realism to the book and the substantiated the motives behind the characters. For instance, status provided opportunities and automatic privileges for the upper class (like Finn) while those of a lower class (like Rosío) are only granted disadvantages.


The book was full of symbolic components, but the greatest one was magic. Magic in itself was a great symbolism of freedom in various ways. It provided an escape from the class system, a degree of social standing, and ultimately liberation from the mundane.

Overall, Ruthless Magic is quite ruthless indeed because the story completely engulfs you and by the end, you will be eagerly anticipating the next installment in the Conspiracy of Magic series.

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