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It’s always enjoyable when books follow the magic spirit of Wonderland and take readers on journeys of pure imagination.

Sacred: Eslura’s Calling by M. C. Beeler takes us alongside Beatrice, a young girl who is overcoming her mother’s mysterious disappearance. When her foster parents send her off to summer camp and is bullied by the girls, Beatrice and her camp counselor, Reagan, comes to her rescue, they both find themselves warped into a magical world.

Once there, Beatrice and Reagan discover a shadowy figure and a usurper to this magical world known as Eslura threaten the peace, and magic, of the land.

There is a great element of nostalgia that pays homage to works like Bridge to Terabithia that will have younger reader’s imagination captured to the very end!


An orphaned girl. A mysterious new world. One connected fate.

When Beatrice Tidal is shipped off to summer camp by her foster parents, she expects the worst, but she does not expect to find herself pursued by a shadowy demon through a strange magical land where she must uncover the mystery of her past and rise to the challenges of her future.

Worse, Obellius Kalaar, usurper to the throne of Eslura, will stop at nothing to find Beatrice and prevent her from gathering the Sacred Rulers to reunite the kingdom. Now Obellius has escaped from his island prison confinements and is determined to regain his throne.

Can Beatrice help these powerful Rulers and save Eslura from Obellius, or will the shadow of darkness fall forever over this sacred land?

Eslura's Calling is the first book in the Sacred series, a young adult portal fantasy. Steeped in friendship, adventure, and furry creatures, Eslura's Calling is a thrilling beginning to a fantastic new series.

Publisher: Half Sun Press

Page Count: 412 pages (roughly)

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Comp Titles: Narnia, Inkheart, Studio Ghibli, Lord of the Rings

Format: eBook, paperback, hardcover

Release Date: June 24th, 2021

Purchase Links: Pre-orders available on website

( as well as on Amazon OPEN May



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