• Alex Lopez

Skyjack by K.J. Howe

Thea Paris, a kidnap-and-ransom specialist, was on a mission to take two former child soldiers, Jabari and Ayan, to their new home in England. Their plane ride was supposed to be an uneventful trip marking the start of a calm, new life. However, all that changes when their plane is skyjacked to unknown coordinates by their pilot and the mastermind behind all this is none other than mobster Prospero Salvatore. Prospero soon corners Thea into agreeing to become a part of his mysterious, international plot in exchange for the safe delivery of Jabari, Ayan, and their fellow passengers. With the clock ticking, Thea must adhere to Prospero’s demands so that she can regain control of her compromised mission and complete the wishes of her late brother. Yet, the closer readers get to uncovering Salvatore's plot, the more questions arise leading to the grand finale in Skyjack.

Skyjack by K. J. Howe is a thrilling book to reckon with because reading it is almost like a cinematic experience. Howe is a very visual writer and her descriptions were key in orienting readers in Thea’s action packed world. Oftentimes with thrillers, writers skip over background details to center more on the ‘then and there’ element. Yet, Skyjack was a rare book in the thriller genre that was able to include a vast array of details to build environment and character in a very natural manner which enhanced the ambience of the book.

I have read several thriller novels in the past, but Skyjack was a read that really revitalized the thriller genre for me. An attribute that really resonated with me was Howe’s energetic writing style. Firstly, Howe’s Skyjack holds a great cast of characters from all walks of life. I found it absolutely commendable that Howe broke away from female stereotypes of the genre and made Thea a great character with a sharp mind and all the skills necessary to take on any opponent. Also, Skyjack was evidently a labor of love where the author took great care to research the various locations, like Istanbul, to paint a striking visual narrative for readers. Lastly, the action and suspense sequences are absolutely exhilarating to the extent that the next time I looked up after starting Skyjack, I was already more than halfway through and I wasn't about to stop there. So if you’re looking for an unforgettable thrill ride, Skyjack by K.J. Howe is the book for you!



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