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The Hero’s Trail: A Guide for a Heroic Life by T.A. Barron

Life is a continual path we all embark on. Through the process of the journey, we gain varying degrees of experience that become the cardinal points of our moral compass. This compass equips us with the means to overcome any obstacle in addition to a pair of steadfast eyes that take in all that life brings along with grounded feet forever in motion that leave pronounced imprints of our ‘self’ behind us.

The Hero’s Trail by T.A. Barron is full of tales of indomitable spirit, selfless actions, and perseverance that not only demonstrates varying forms of heroism, but shows all that the great we are capable of….and how we can find traces of heroes in ourselves.

The book delves into discussions about different kinds of heroes in the chapters:

~Hero on the Spot

~Survivor Hero

~Hero Within

~Hero to Others Near and Far

~Hero for All Time

The chapters are accompanied with the inspiring true stories of people like: Jane Goodall, Sherwin Long, Carol Heiss, Martin Luther King Jr. and so many other outstanding individuals.

Additionally, T.A. Barron discusses the seven “key ingredients of heroism” necessary for any traveler’s journey. It is a given that we all walk our own solitary paths in life, but a book like The Hero’s Trail reminds readers of all the good in humanity and, for a time, our path intertwines with those who have journeyed the road before us. Because of the wisdom imparted by the incredible heroes in this book and the rippling effects of their actions, we are not so alone.

The path of a hero does not have markers to guide the way. Yet The Hero’s Trail shows ways we can all be a hero by emphasizing there is no limitation to how you can do some good in this world. Acts of kindness, generosity, and valor cannot be measured as ‘little’ or ‘big’ because every gesture of good will is simply grand.

This book is another of my yearly reads that provides me with enough doses of inspiration, motivation, and pure heartlight to get me through the journey ahead. These tales in T.A. Barron’s The Hero’s Trail are profoundly moving and inspire the absolute best in ourselves and encourages us to move towards something greater. For as T.A. Barron says in his book:

“There are many things anyone can do. For every single one of us has the capacity to make important choices, to do something remarkable…whether it’s in our wider community, our own home, or our own self.” (104)

Thank you so much for reading! I’d just like to end on one final note:

This powerful book moved me to interview a local community hero Firefighter Matthew Ryckman where we talked about who his heroes are, how someone can be a hero in their community, and more! You can read the transcript of the interview here!

May you all have a wonderful journey on life’s vast trail!

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