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The Socialite

Good afternoon #Bookstafam!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day so far. Today I’ve gotten to relax and later today I’m going to work in some exercises and pick up some healthy food.

QOTD Aside from reading what have you been up to lately? Have you tried any new crafts, baked a new treat, or watched a new series?

AOTD I’ve been trying to rest to help my lungs recover while still going some small house projects like rearranging my shelves before watching The Stranger or MasterChef.

Earlier this week, I had the joy of reading #TheSocialite by @jnellciesielski. I absolutely love historical fiction reads and I was so taken by @jnellciesielski’s ability to take the raw history of Paris during the Nazi’s occupation. Our main protagonist, socialite Kat, is a brave woman of measure who is trying to save her sister from being the mistress of a Nazi soldier. In order to help her sister, Kat partners with British intelligence by integrating herself in the midst of the Nazi’s elite circle and feeding information back to the Resistance.

I throughly enjoyed the composition of the book and how the author transported readers through the richness of her storytelling and her ability to bring compelling characters to life. Throughout the work, I continuously an updated the ending to The Socialite and was so thrilled by the ending!


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