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The Book of Genevieve by Mark Boyd

“I wish I could say the choice was yours, M’Lady, but your destiny awaits you….the worlds are depending on you.”

Destiny is a word meant for heroes to rise….or fall just as fate is both a blessing and a curse that drives the currents of our lives.

The Prophecy is what spurred King Leandro and Queen Anaterri to put both their love, and lives, on the battlefield for the sake of their kingdom.

Yet the Prophecy continues onwards by turning its eye to the next generation.

Now, Leto Sargovia finds himself championing his father's legacy to fulfill his destiny as King of the Northland.

Princess Genevieve Cheval of Southland was a normal girl with her eyes turned to the future…that is until her elven ears began to grow. After confronting her father, providence calls to Genevieve to venture forth to the Forbidden Forest where the past and present collide in a struggle to overtake the future.

As enemies begin to gather strength, Leto and Genevieve’s paths unite in a force against the evils of their world. Will their newfound love be enough to carry them on the winds of triumph? Or will the world burn at their feet?

Fulfill your destiny in

The Book of Genevieve

This is the second book in A Dragon’s Tale trilogy that features familiar characters, like Donaterri and Leto, and how their lives intertwine with Genevieve as they continue their quest to fulfill the prophecy. The inevitable hand of density plays a great as the characters try to define, and escape, their fate.

It’s rare that a series continues beyond the span of one generation. However, Boyd manages to continue the narrative of the Prophecy in a singular manner. Characters, like Leto and Donaterri, are able to truly spread their wings (literally and metaphorically) and continue carrying the torch of justice and equality that was first ignited by their parents. I’ve enjoyed reading how Leto is becoming an Arthurian figure who wishes to unite the lands in a quest to vanquish the evil forces invading the lands and finally avenge his father.

I also just adored Leto and Genevieve’s love story in the midst of all the chaos and angst as they braved their opponents. Their love and pure intentions were put to the ultimate test as they battled internal and external enemies throughout their journey. They seem to have become the figureheads for a promised peace that the Prophecy foretells.

The Book of Genevieve is an excellent sequel with a very fast paced narrative that revealed more intricacies of the Prophecy and gave characters an opportunity to meet their destiny. All these elements combined in The Book of Genevieve where author Mark Boyd once again illustrated the power of fantasy storytelling at its finest.

You definitely won’t want to miss this tale of dragons, magic, sacrifice, and love!

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