• Alex Lopez

The Cha-Cha Babes of Pelican Way

What happens when a Florida setting, a Golden Girls-esque trio, and the cha-cha mix together? The babes of Pelican way!

Celia, Marcy, and Deb all live in a retirement community where they became friends at first sight and learned to leave their worries behind through the cha-cha. Marcy lives on thrills, Celia is reconnecting with herself, and Deb’s quick tongue makes for perfect comedic moments. Through Celia’s descriptions, it seemed as though the trio had settled into an average lifestyle in their community.

Cue the phone call in the middle of the night!

Marcy rings Celia and asks her friends to help her with a “big problem”; when they show up, Marcy is in a rather compromising position with Marvin, the retirement community’s board president. In order to keep Marcy from being kicked out, the trio all move Marvin back to his room.

Before long, more people begin to die from mysterious conditions. Celia sees more to the case and vows to get to the bottom of things. Even if that means getting closer to the murderer than she realizes.

I found The Cha-Cha Babes of Pelican Way to be a delightful story. You don’t typically read stories of this nature involving characters 60 years and older that are so upbeat and full of comical dialogue. There were some moments where the phrasing became a bit repetitive, but Metzman pulled through with a killer ending. This is a great summer read perfect for the beach!



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