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The Dark Room by Natalie Banks

Anna and Nick are good friends.

Except after being married for so long, Anna wants more than just a friendship with her husband. Their marriage has become fallen into a rut, to the point of becoming platonic, and Anna wishes that their romance rekindled.

Her wish is granted on a night on the town where she meets Alec Prentice, a photographer with a rugged smile that Anna is unable to resist. No matter how hard she tries, Anna finds herself returning back to Alec until her conscious grows to a point where she cannot continue her affair. For a time, after vowing to try everything possible to keep her affair a secret, and keep her marriage with Nick alive, Anna believes she is getting a second chance in life.

Then she starts seeing shadows following her everywhere.

Anna dismisses these phantoms as paranoia, but when things start getting deadly, Anna finds out that the cold fingers of past will never let go of you.

I love reading author’s works continuously; for me, there’s just something about being able to see how an author develops their writing and fine tunes their craft that makes the reading process even more enjoyable. After reading The Water is Wide by Natalie Banks (and re-reading) I turned to reading her next novel The Dark Room. It’s darker and edgier than its predecessor stand alone novel, yet they both have something in common: they absolutely thrive in the thriller genre.

The Dark Room has a lot of things going for it: an all-too-real situation, a compelling storyline, and a shadowy stalker whose identity you keep guessing throughout the book. One of the things I liked the best though is that Banks manages to find balance within her works. At the horrific moments, readers won’t find themselves in a put-the-book-down and wait until morning situation. They will instead find themselves picking up The Dark Room at all hours and guessing alongside Anna:

Is the threat a phantom or paranoia?


Who is the man behind the shadows?

If there’s one author who has found her niche in the thriller genre that would be Natalie Banks. The Dark Room fluidly interwove the elements of romance and suspense to complement the taste of thrill and terror floating from the pages. Anna, the main character, was a well-rounded character and readers could understand that her actions were the product of her past experiences. Unfortunately, she ended up paying direly for her indiscretions.

The Dark Room by Natalie Banks is written in a great way that pulls the past into the inescapable present and fills the future with dread. Just a fair warning: make sure you have a good amount of time to read this book because once you step into The Dark Room, there’s no turning back.

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