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The Legend of Greg Review and Playlist

Ever think you’ve been having a bad day?

Well Greg Belmont certainly has had his fair share of them…especially on Thursdays. Otherwise, Greg lives a pretty normal life in Chicago playing chess with his best (and only) friend, Edwin, and supportive dad.

That is until one particular Thursday when Greg is attacked by a polar bear while on a school field trip to the zoo; this attack sets off a chain of events where Greg drinks magic tea, his father gets kidnapped by a Troll, and he finds himself in a super secret underground world where he discovers he’s actually a Dwarf…as in a magic wielding, descendent of the earth kind.

Between figuring out a plan to rescue his father, trying to cope with his new magical community, and trying to stop an all out war with Elves, Greg’s weekend plans are officially over.

Chris Rylander’s The Legend of Greg is packed with adventure, action, and a good measure of puns. This is a book that was perfectly catered to the middle grade/young adult age group where Rylander delivers a fantastic story with original characters and creative chapter titles. Thirteen-year-old Greg Belmont really speaks you in the same light as Percy Jackson and Rylander’s sense of humor will be sure to have young readers chanting for more.

I started reading this book on a Thursday evening and finished it early Friday; the irony is that the book warns you on the first page to not read it on a Thursday. Well, I can tell you that reading The Legend of Greg was the best thing that happened on Thursday. It had me laughing, smiling, and cheering for Greg and his friends throughout the story (spoiler: Greg makes friends!).

Here is a playlist I created for The Legend of Greg!

Happy reading!

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