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The Moon Faerie's Night Sky by Anne Stryker

When small faerie, Kori, is captured by two humans and threatened to be tortured for profit, Kori fears the worst.

That is until a magician appears to save her from their clutches.

Out of gratitude, Kori follows the handsome magician to his home...only to be put in a cage.

Yet is he really the evil wizard he proclaims?

Only the magic of the night sky can tell.

I was just enchanted by this book! Kori's spunk and Zelim's wizardly charm will just weave a magical spell on readers. I found this a perfect feel-good read that had me smiling to the very last page. Overall, it's a wonderful fantasy romance that will have readers caught in The Moon Faerie's Night Sky.

Here is a playlist I made inspired by the magic of the novelette!

*The playlist is on Spotify at The Moon Faerie's Night Sky*

I'm very excited to have the opportunity to interview author Anne Stryker!

1) When was the moment you knew you wanted to be a writer?

At risk of sounding cliche, I've always had a story in me. When I was younger, I'd act out the stories that came to mind and build upon the world I'd made, constantly adding upon it until the cultures expanded into realms and several planets and dozens of characters. I didn't make it to paper until my tweens, and even then I only wrote poems that I'd sing and put to music. A couple years after that, I started writing in notebooks just for fun, and a year later I received my first personal laptop as a Christmas present. I like to say that I live my life in phases, but writing was the one thing that never stopped, so the summer after I graduated high school, it became something tangible. I've been working towards this ever since, at last making it there now.

I'm not sure I can clearly answer the 'moment' I knew. It was a series of moments that made me realize I probably knew all along.

2) The Moon Faerie's Night Sky reads like a modern fairytale. Which is your favorite fairytale?

Oh goodness... That's like asking to choose among my furbabies. I love all fairytales, the Disney versions, the cultural diversions, and the originals. It's so hard to pick one...but I've always loved the original Cinderella. Something about Disney's version is beautiful, yet you can't beat watering a magic tree with your own tears. The Little Mermaid always appealed to me, even though it's tragic. Briar Rose and Rapunzel had some dark consent issues, but the remakes of both through Disney were phenomenal.

If you're making me choose, I'm going to say Beauty and the Beast. I love the idea of seeing past appearances and the rough-around-the-edges male leads. I actually will be working on a Beauty and the Beast type story soon, so *shameless advertising* stay tuned? XP

3) Is there a certain place where you like to write?

On my bed or the couch or at the table... I think I don't have a certain place, but I have to have a keyboard. I see several people write on their phones, and I just don't understand how they manage!

4) You wrote a very imaginative Acknowledgments Page at the end of your novelette that hints at your next book. Has publishing your first book changed your writing process?

Lol! I knew I wanted a creative Acknowledgments because all the people who helped me are also writers, and I didn't want their credit skipped over. I also wanted a little something to loosely link the series of novelettes I have planned together. Come for the story, stay for the Acknowledgment Page series?

Uh...writing process discussed below. I'll say it hasn't changed though? Or more like it's always changing...

5) What was your writing process like? Was it a series of brainstorms or clear skies? I knew I wanted to write a series of novellas/novelettes, so one day I just threw down a numbered list of things I thought were cool, then I took an hour to give each a 'start, middle, end' outline. The first draft of The Moon Faerie's Night Sky took three days to complete, then I worked with a writer group I'm a part of and beta readers and all that. But my writing process is always different.

For a fantasy romance trilogy, I have a poster board with color-coded post-it notes.

For an adult fantasy romance standalone, I have stacks of index cards.

For a historical romance, I pantsed it entirely.

Nothing has ever been the same. Each child is treated differently.

6) Are there any people, places, or literary works that inspired The Moon Faerie's Night Sky?

I honestly don't think so. In a way everything a writer touches shapes them and shapes their story, but this one exploded onto the page so quickly I don't think my mind had any time to make connections... o.o

7) Is there anything that you’d like to add about yourself or the magical world of The Moon Faerie's Night Sky?

Well, something about myself would be I love sweet romance stories of all kinds, and I'm working on a pirate novelette next, then others ranging from mystery to urban fantasy to portal fantasy are in the works afterwards.

Something about The Moon Faerie's Night Sky is that both the main leads are the type to go into the woods and bring all the animals home. As the female lead is a fae and animals are closely connected with them, this is now a possibility. And as there are new is very likely that there will be other short stories following Kori and Zelim's adventures until a print book of their tales is made. ;)

Congratulations to debut author Anne Stryker on her first published novelette.

Be sure to add this magical tale to your collection!

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