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The Prophecy by Mark Boyd

When Prince Leandro is attacked by bandits, and mortally injured, Anaterri Strayarth (a dragon in human form) saves his life by transfusing some of her blood to him. However, Anaterri’s blood gives Leandro more than just life…she also passed on her dragon blood and inevitably causes the start of The Dragon King's prophecy.

“...a child born of dragon, human and elemental blood.

The Dragon King, as he will eventually be called, would unite the races.”

After Anaterri tells Leandro about how the prophecy will be fulfilled, Leandro is overwhelmed by the pressing force of the future and is driven into a dark state. In order to save him, Anaterri sacrifices her love for him and erases all memories he had of their time together in hopes that he can have a normal life.

Little do they know what fate has in store for them.

In the midst of this, others wish to claim the esteemed title of The Dragon King. A black dragon (also disguised in human form) Grand Magi Aloysius Alamaris, will stop at nothing to claim this coveted title and power to rule. With the empire at the brink of war, love will rise, ties will be broken, and loyalties will be tested.

This is a book about dragons, dynasties, and inescapable destiny that will make readers eager to read the other two books in the trilogy The Book of Genevieve and Mishmakon-The Dragon King.

There is nothing greater than finding new and original novels narrated by authors who have a clear vision of their imagination and, even more so, have the ability to share their world with readers through written form. In his first book of A Dragon’s Tale trilogy, Mark Boyd extends his hand of fantasy to adult readers. The opening action sequence both places you in the midst of Northland, a land of dragons and mystic powers, and compels you onward through the pages to discover what happens next.

I really liked how Boyd captured the language and rhythms of fantasy in The Prophecy and how his narrative flows through time rather than circulating the story around one generation. The Prophecy was a great work that establishes the foundations of Boyd’s world and how the prophecy was ignited by the union of Leandro and Anaterri. Another enjoyable point about The Prophecy was that Boyd’s action sequences are not about instantaneous moments, but about building up conflict and exploring the history of places like Northland and Westland. Through this, readers are able to understand: the fundamental politics of the book, the different nations, and why dragons and humans have their reasons for their lack of unity.

It was also enjoyable to see all the unexpected, and mysterious, ways that the prophecy unfolds and that Boyd is not afraid to go outside the realm of conventional character threads in fantasy. Instead, he openly interweaves new characters into the book who, in one form or another, become essential parts to the plot. The story builds up to a thrilling conclusion where characters (can’t be specific because of spoilers!) strive to establish peace and unity in the land.

All in all, I found The Prophecy to be a work that carries on the tradition of fantasy established by authors such as J.R.R. Tolkien that belongs next to works of the modern age like The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini.

Now the question for the readers is: will you be a part of

The Prophecy

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