• Alex Lopez

Trapped by Amanda Byrd

Dr. Miranda van Wolfe is not the average woman. Aside from being a psychologist, Miranda specializes in saving the world, defeating monsters, and traveling alternate universes. But saving the fate of the multiverse came with a heavy price. After a dangerous battle, Miranda became something more than human. After battling monsters for so long, she awakened her own.

The once very human Miranda van Wolfe suddenly finds herself with a werewolf and vampire trapped inside her. While they are both vying for control, Miranda struggles to keep hold of her humanity. Even when that means some monster habits are surfacing.

While Miranda is trying to cope with her new reality and find a cure, enemies begin to appear and Miranda finds herself gathering allies for another impending battle.

Trapped by Amanda Byrd was a dark comedy that combined a lot of contemporary narratives like Twilight, Dexter, and Santa Clarita Diet. There are a lot of horrifying moments to appeal any fans of Bram Stoker and readers of the paranormal. This is a quick read that inevitably leads on to the next installment in the series.

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