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Warm Transfer by Laura Holtz

“You might need a warm transfer….It’s when a person stays on the line with you during the call transfer, you know, to make sure you don’t get disconnected.”

Tamsen Peel’s dynamite character full of heart takes on the world. She opted to raise her children rather than continue her competitive career, she’s actively involved in their lives, and volunteers her spare time to help fundraise for charities. Altogether, Tamsen wants her children to have all the best life has to offer.

Even if that means hiding what their father, Victor Peel, does to her.

As Victor’s abuse mounts, Tamsen prepares for a worst case scenario by starting a ‘just in case’ fund for herself and her children, Theo and Charlotte.

Through Tamsen’s protection, Theo and Charlotte are completely unaware of what their mother is suffering. So, young Theo tells Tamsen of his dream: to learn the guitar. Even though she knows that Victor is bound to disapprove, and take out his anger on her, Tamsen’s motherly love, and mission to keep her children’s lives normal, makes her willing to do anything for them.

Soon, Kyle ‘Whit’ Whitman enters the Peel’s household and his melodies of life begin to stir long lost emotions in Tamsen’s heart. Whit’s friendship and music help Tamsen realize that she needs to make one of the most difficult decisions of her life:

To stay in the uptown world she knows


go back to the one she lost?

Sometimes, life is a storm and you don't realize you’re drowning until someone reaches out and grabs ahold of you. This person is, in essence, your warm transfer who symbolically becomes your center until you gather the means to face the future...and yourself.

In Warm Transfer, Laura Holtz works through Tamsen to present a very relatable picture of the modern woman’s life and makes readers actively involved in Tamsen’s experiences. Holtz substantiates Tamsen’s reasons for staying with Victor out of her pure and unconditional life for her children. Yet it is for that same reason that Holtz sets Tamsen on the journey of rediscovery where she finds a warm transfer, to help free herself from the hands of her abusive husband.

Something that honestly impressed me about Laura Holtz’s Warm Transfer is how she pulled forth one of the most sensitive topics of our times and addressed it with an impressive degree of dignity and understanding to what individuals undergo on a daily basis. While other books in the same genre tend to focus on the dramatic elements of an abusive relationship, Holtz sparks hope for readers through Tamsen’s experiences and character growth.

On a personal note, I absolutely applaud how Holtz wove the wisdom of Alexandre Dumas (author of The Count of Monte Cristo) into her chronicle of hope. As a great admirer of works by Alexandre Dumas, there is no greater narrative to me than that of a character that takes on their struggles and pain and turns a difficult situation into an opportunity to pull forth a greater power from within.

Dumas wrote stirring tales of valor, comradeship, and justice that has lasted through the ages. In turn, Holtz channels her voice of enduring and selfless love in her novel that rivals the spirit of Dumas. It’s a rare experience, and joy, for a reader to find such an intense work.

I consider Warm Transfer a must read of 2018 and I recommend that you make Tamsen’s strength and love, Whit’s music, and Holtz’s moving tale be a part of your reading experiences.

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For each book sold, 10% of the profit will go to RAINN, the nation’s largest anti–sexual violence organization.

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