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We Were Beautiful

Ever since the car crash that killed her older sister, Rachel, and scarred her face as a reminder, Mia Hopkins's life was forever changed.

The thing is...she can't remember anything about that night.

As Mia and her parents struggle to cope with their loss, Mia is sent off to New York City to spend the summer with her grandmother, Veronica. The big city is a sharp contrast to Mia's usual life and as she finds a job at the nearby café, she starts to discover that- regardless of circumstances- life continues at its relentless pace.

Over the summer, Mia discovers that everyone has a past that leaves them broken in some form or another and the road of redemption and forgiveness marks the means to embark towards a more hopeful future.

This was a heartfelt coming of age novel about grief and finding solace in other that I'd recommend readers!

About the Book

We Were Beautiful

by Heather Hepler

Publisher: BLINK

Release date: April 2, 2019

Genre: Young Adult, Realistic Fiction, Contemporary

Synopsis: It's been a year since fifteen-year-old Mia Hopkins was in the car crash that killed her older sister and left her terribly scarred. The doctors tell her she was lucky to survive. Her therapist says it will take time to heal. The police reports claim there were trace amounts of alcohol in her bloodstream. But no matter how much she tries to reconstruct the events of that fateful night, Mia's memory is spotty at best. She's left with accusations, rumors, and guilt so powerful it could consume her. As the rest of Mia's family struggles with their own grief, Mia is sent to New York City to spend the summer with a grandmother she's never met. All Mia wants to do is hide from the world, but instead she's stuck with a summer job in the bustling kitchens of the cafe down the street. There she meets Fig--blue-haired, friendly, and vivacious--who takes Mia under her wing. As Mia gets to know Fig and her friends--including Cooper, the artistic boy who is always on Mia's mind--she realizes that she's not the only one with a painful past. Over the summer, Mia begins to learn that redemption isn't as impossible as she once thought, but her scars inside run deep and aren't nearly so simple to heal ... especially when Mia finally pieces together her memories of the night Rachel died.

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About the Author

Heather Hepler is the author of several books for teens and tweens, including Frosted Kisses (Scholastic, 2015), Love? Maybe (Dial, 2012) and The Cupcake Queen(Dutton, 2009).

She loves tomato soup, fat cats, and hiking. (Not necessarily in that order.) She's lived in East Texas, Alaska, and Death Valley. Currently she, her son, their two spoiled cats, and their ridiculously smart dog live in Downeast Maine.




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