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Wizard for Hire by Obert Skye

For fans of the epic Leven Thumps series and Pillage trilogy, look no more!

When his parents are taken away from him at a young age, Ozzy Toffy learns to fend for himself in the forest with only the tape recordings of his parent’s voices for company. One day, Ozzy finds a secret key that unlocks a box holding one of his father’s greatest inventions: Clark a robotic, talking, and independently, thinking raven with an affinity for metallic objects.

With newfound company, Ozzy begins to explore the world around him, and as the years pass, he is determined to find out what happened to his parents. So Ozzy enrolls in school where he tries to research more about his parents, and even makes friends with a girl his own age, Sigi. Through a stroke of fate, Ozzy and Clark see an ad stating ‘Wizard for Hire.’ With high hopes, Ozzy finds an unexpected friend in Rin a wizard who has more powers than the eye can see and ally with Sigi. So, the team embarks on a quest of high speed chases, magical moments...and an unexpected revelations.

In this comedic, original work only Obert Skye could create, readers are taken along on a fantastic adventure where you go from the first to last page in a matter of moments; it’s magic really! I've been a reader of Skye's works since Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo and I was very excited to once again read Skye's distinctive and whimsical narratives in Wizard for Hire.

Clark had to be my favorite character! His mechanical heart beats with loyalty to Ozzy, love for metal items, and a sparky sense of humor.

Overall, to use an analogy

fellow fans of the Leven Thumps series can appreciate, this book is


Thank you for reading!

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