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Across A Broken Shore

November 13, 2019

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Song of the Abyss

August 23, 2019

An adventurer's heart is as boundless as the sea. Curiosity takes the waves to different coasts where the footholds of different languages, cultures, and art color the landscape. Eyes glisten with newfound feats of valor and triumph over the elements. Discovery always faces a new horizon and the promise of tomorrow unfolds like an uncharted map waiting to be explored.


This is the true song of the abyss.


To Reyna, the siren song of adventure courses through her very essence in the same manner as her ink documents the lands she visits. With aspirations of being a mapmaker, Reyna is returning forth from her yearlong expedition. During the final leagues of the journey, Reyna's company is attacked. In order to seek help, Reyna begins to swim towards the shore unknowing that from the moment she entered the sea's embrace, she would become a legend like those she diligently documents. 


For me, Makiia Lucier's Song of the Abyss was an odyssey of the highest caliber that captured the essence of engaging storytelling and the fearless strength of a young woman who sets aside her trepidation to save those she cares for. I'd highly recommend Song of the Abyss to readers who enjoyed Sea Witch by Sarah Henning and To Kill A Kingdom by by Alexandra Christo.





 About the Book


Song of the Abyss (Tower of Winds #2)

by Makiia Lucier

Publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers

Release Date: August 27th 2019

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy





Ancient grievances, long-held grudges, and dangerous magic combine in this sweeping standalone fantasy perfect for fans of Tamora Pierce and Rachel Hartman.


They came in the night as she dreamt, in her berth, on a ship sailing home to del Mar. After, they would be all Reyna thought about: two carracks painted scorpion black. No emblem on either forecastle, no pennants flying above the mainmasts to hint at a kingdom of origin. 


Never a good sign.


As the granddaughter of a famed navigator, seventeen-year-old Reyna has always lived life on her own terms, despite those who say a girl could never be an explorer for the royal house of St. John del Mar. She is determined to prove them wrong, and as she returns home after a year-long expedition, she knows her dream is within reach. No longer an apprentice, instead: Reyna, Master Explorer.


But when menacing raiders attack her ship, those dreams are pushed aside. Reyna's escape is both desperate and dangerous, and when next she sees her ship, a mystery rises from the deep. The sailors--her captain, her countrymen--have vanished. To find them, Reyna must use every resource at her disposal . . . including placing her trust in a handsome prince from a rival kingdom.


Together they uncover a disturbing truth. The attack was no isolated incident. Troubling signs point to a shadowy kingdom in the north, and for once, the rulers of the Sea of Magdalen agree: something must be done. But can Reyna be brave enough to find a way?



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About the Author




Makiia is the author of historical fiction and historical fantasy for young adults. She grew up on the Pacific Island of Guam (not too far from the equator), and has degrees in journalism and library science from the University of Oregon and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.


Her debut novel, A Death-Struck Year, was called a "powerful and disturbing reading experience" by Publishers Weekly, and was a finalist for Germany's top book prize for children, the Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis. Her second novel, Isle of Blood and Stone, was inspired by her love of Indiana Jones movies and old, old maps.


She lives with her family in North Carolina.



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Song of the Abyss by Makiia Lucier

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